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online video advertisingOnline video advertising can offer significant advantages for almost any size business. Online ads can be cheaply produced. In fact, they cost significantly less than a comparable television ad.

It’s an increasingly popular choice for marketing experts around the globe. With the rise of video sharing websites like “YouTube” more and more people are watching their favorite content online.

YouTube has provided an optimal opportunity for businesses to extend their reach. It’s estimated that over 100 million people watch online videos every day.

For this reason, it’s important that you consider adding online video to your marketing arsenal.

Producing video for online is at your fingertips

Most videos are produced in-house using standard computing and video equipment. However, it’s also possible to contract a local video company to create your video for you.

While the technical side of producing video has never been easier, there are still things to consider. Here’s some advice on how to create an effective, professional online video advertising campaign for your company.

Short Form vs. Long Form

There is a lot of competition for views on the web. In general, online video advertising is produced in both short form and long form format. Short from videos are between 15 to 30 seconds long.

In contrast, long form videos are in the 90 to 120 second range. Research has shown that short-term advertising seems to get more results, than long form.

Most experts advise keeping your advertisement to about 15 seconds in length.

Be Careful With Humor

Many of us are familiar with funny viral videos. These can turn into sizzling sensations, with millions of views. However, it’s important to be careful with humor.

If you have a natural talent for being funny, then by all means put it to good use. While being funny comes naturally to some of us, most people don’t have that gift.

Also, attempts at humor can backfire. Which could have effects and consequences you didn’t intend. Humor is subjective and what one person finds funny another can find offensive.

It’s better to play it safe, than to have a well-intentioned joke backfire.

Keep Your Writing Crisp

Your video script should be crisp and to the point. Think about the exact message is you want to deliver.

One mistake many advertisers make, is rushing the writing. Take your time writing your script. Also, make sure at least two other people have read it.

This means you need to solicit feedback, and listen to the feedback. Don’t let personal pride get in the way of writing a good script.

Your script should deliver the message and do so quickly. Remember you have less than a minute, to deliver your information. Don’t waste a single second!

Choose Engaging Images

Avoid boring stock images at all costs. Nothing will chase viewers away more quickly, than using uninteresting images.

The best video should be one that’s been carefully produced. For example, if you’re creating a real estate ad, do your best to stage the photos.

If you’re creating a short ad for your law firm, look for dynamic photos of lawyers in action. The best images and video are those you take yourself.

If you are unsure of your video skills, talk to a professional. They should have the equipment to help you take engaging video and photos for your project.

The key is to make your video as exciting as possible while delivering the right message.

Plan Thoroughly

When it comes to producing a video ad, planning is everything. First, make sure that all stakeholders, approve of the script. That’s right, everyone who has a say in your company’s marketing efforts, should have seen the script.

Next, you’ll need to estimate costs and set up a budget. Does your script require actors? If you’re not filming yourself, how much will hiring a video producer cost?

How many people will there during the filming? Also, will you need to provide food (breakfast or lunch) during the filming.

Also don’t forget about time. How much time are you budgeting for filming and editing? Don’t forget to plan when your video will be uploaded and to what channels.

Define Measurable Goals

Spend some time thinking about what your goal is for the video. Do you want to generate new leads? Or maybe you want to increase your discover-ability in web searches!

By defining very specific goals, you can increase the effectiveness of your campaign. These goals should measurable.

These goals can include metrics like increasing website traffic, increasing your Facebook likes, or receiving more responses from a targeted e-mail blast.

Try User Generated Video Ads

Word-of-mouth advertising is more valuable than gold. So why not put this powerful tool to use for your business? Thanks to websites like YouTube soliciting video endorsements from real people has never been easier.

There are services that exist that will help you solicit video testimonials for your brand. Thanks to technology, a consumer can film a video testimonial, and it can be uploaded to your website in minutes.

Various marketing studies have shown that user-generated testimonials are trusted by consumers. In fact, they may be more trustworthy than expensive commercials.

Use YouTube’s Pre-Roll Commercial Ads

Pre-roll advertising is a short commercial that appears prior to viewing an online video. These are not usually very long – in general only 10 to 15 seconds.

Pre-roll video has become very popular with marketing experts. One reason, is accountability. Viewers must watch the video before they can view desired content.

The advertising can be easily targeted. Which means the advertisement is typically related to the subject matter of the video.

It’s interactive. Links and calls to action can inserted into the video itself.

Smart Ad Placement

You’ll want to place your ad so that it’s easily seen. If uploading to your website, check out the “heatmap”. A heatmap locates the most visited pages and areas on your website.

Those popular pages and areas are the perfect spots to place your video ads.

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