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Right now the very best, and least expensive way of getting your message out to the world is content marketing. Anyone and any business can create and produce a piece of content that tells your story, illustrates your point and gives people a reason to need your services.

Since content marketing is a fairly new “feature” in the marketing world it has created a whole new language to go along with it. Phrases such as corporate journalism, vendor content, brand publishing and native advertising are everywhere.

In the mix of content marketing where does native advertising fit in?

Native advertising uses content to build trust and engagement with prospective clients and customers. The object is to make the advertising feel natural and less intrusive to the reader.

It’s how businesses work with websites and online publications to reach out to people. When native advertising is done well people don’t recognize it as advertising when they see it.

native advertising

This is a perfect example of native advertising. You’ll want to click on the video to find out which dollar bills are winners. It seems like a news article … but in truth it’s an advertisement for Taco Bell.

What is the difference between native advertising and display ads?

Promoted tweets on Twitter, sponsored posts on Facebook, promoted videos on YouTube, link ads in the body of the article and related posts are all examples of native advertising.

You may be thinking that native advertisements are display ads. But display ads are usually banners across the top of a page or square image blocks running along the side of the page. Native ads appear in the flow of the editorial content.

Online Native Advertising on Facebook

Most of the time we don’t even recognize the sponsored posts and suggested pages on Facebook. We’ll click though because they are compelling. The reason they are so appealing to us? Facebook knows what we like and comment on, they know what our friends like and comment on.  Then Facebook serves similar native and display content to us. Facebook has extensive demographics on their users that will pinpoint your potential clients and customers.

What makes people click on native advertising?

Publications that carry native advertising won’t post just any old content. They make sure they post high quality content on topics that readers are interested in. They want people to be interested enough in what they’re reading to be drawn to clicking onto the advertisement.

Online Native Advertising Denny's Resturant

This piece of native advertising looks like a news article. Readers don’t recognize this type of article as advertising and therefore will read it and trust what the article is saying.

Does native advertising work?

According to research on native ads from IPG media lab:

  • 25% more consumers look at in-feed native ads than banner ads
  • Consumers clicked on native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads
  • Native advertising increases the chances for higher brand affinity by 9% and by 18% for purchases over traditional banner ads
  • More people said the native ad was an ad they would share with a family member or friend
  • 71% of the people that had previously purchased from the advertiser said they personally identify with the brand after viewing a native ad

What are the challenges of native advertising?

Unlike banner ads that can be placed anywhere on a page, native advertising takes management. Placing an ad in the middle of an article where it looks normal, makes sense and engages the customer takes some creativity.

Brand integrity must be foremost in the mind of the ad manager. The native ad need to be placed into the article in such a way that it elevates the brand and the brands message.

Think native advertising maybe right for your business?

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